Save thousands. Get your Kitchen resprayed.


Having a new kitchen installed can cost anywhere from £10,000 plus whereas respraying your kitchen would cost you a fraction of the price.

Your kitchen doesn't need to be in perfect condition to be resprayed. If you want to give it a fresh look, we can spray it for you. It's a lot less expensive than a brand new kitchen and you would be surprised as to how much of a difference it can make. 


How does the process work?

If you would like your kitchen resprayed, let us know what condition it is in and what you would like it to look like. We can come out to have a look for free.

We will give you an estimate as to how long this is likely to take and what the cost will be. If you are happy with this, then we will arrange a time to disassemble and collect the kitchen from you, to take it to our workshop for some TLC. 

We usually take the kitchen cupboard doors away to spray in the workshop and then spray the rest of your kitchen (cabinets and units) at your home. 


Leave it to us

We will give your kitchen cupboards a thorough rub down, removing any old stain or paint. We will also fill and rub down any bumpy areas making the surface nice and smooth. 

We will then spray the cupboards with your chosen colour of paint or stain as many times as is required to achieve the desired finish.  

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